Queer Poetry

There is a possibility

There is a possibility to be broken When it comes to playing the part Showing the other person that you are supposed to be Not only the public from the private But the tolerable from the discomfort Of being that kind of person And exceeding gender expectations or such That would be supposed a greater… Lire la suite There is a possibility


Note on the middle ground

Complement to Seeking stability We compulsively and constantly try to create meaning so to gather a proper context for action. As our paradoxical state is undermining the adhesion of cognition to sensorimotricity, we might often lose our sense of coordination and orientation. When we take a speech, the content might be secondary. What we value… Lire la suite Note on the middle ground


III – Stream of thought and intersubjective structure

The stream of thought is a rather constant phenomenon. We can deduce from that statement and from what we said earlier that it manifests an attempt to recreate a very specific situation that would permit a demanding social conduct to carry on. What we will be proposing here is that we can learn from the… Lire la suite III – Stream of thought and intersubjective structure


Why neolibarlism needs your free will

Why does neolibarlism need that the idea of free will remains persistent ? If your liberty and rights are completely swiped off and tyranny doesn't hide itself behind a mask, you could still identify your oppressor. But if the source of your problems is shattered into a thousand of problems with apparently as many different sources… Lire la suite Why neolibarlism needs your free will


Vulve, symbole et possession / Vulva, symbole and possession

Texte en pdf / Text in pdf : Vulve, symbole et possession   Si la vulve était représentée symboliquement, sur le terrain de la représentation symbolique, alors elle serait mutualisable, partageable. Comme ce n'est pas le cas, elle demeure enfermée dans le corps de la personne qui la porte, dissimulée au regard et à l'existence… Lire la suite Vulve, symbole et possession / Vulva, symbole and possession