What is subversive ?

What is subversive ? It is not to see more of what was ignored in the mainstream medias. It is not to expect a slight bonus from the upper hand to help us keep quiet. It is to create new medias that challenge the monopoly over our current expression.   It is not to maintain… Lire la suite What is subversive ?


Nicae, views of a thousand faces (2012)

I treasure those photographs because it reminds me of a lot of humanity found in those streets that often passes unnoticed. I think we should never forget to look better and open eyes a great deal more. Dans la nuée - Nikon D90, objectif Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm Escapade - Nikon D90, objectif Nikon… Lire la suite Nicae, views of a thousand faces (2012)



I saw London as an open wound The wound being the Thames Convex, like a bump on some earth From which dripped the flow of people getting out of work Looking straight ahead Not minding any business not theirs That is ours.   I was frightened by that vision Like individually zombified from a massive… Lire la suite London