What is subversive ?

What is subversive ? It is not to see more of what was ignored in the mainstream medias.

It is not to expect a slight bonus from the upper hand to help us keep quiet.

It is to create new medias that challenge the monopoly over our current expression.


It is not to maintain the fiction of democracy where common spaces are more and more about to feed us to the source.

It is to maintain the possibility that a dense variety of spaces, with all the intermediary fields, exists.


It is not that we should beg for a bit of room to speak, when our speech doesn’t meet any collective end.

It is to realise that all is a matter of scale, and of how close to the interconnection of all living things you are.

If you encourage monopolies and wipe off the middle structures, you would erase at the same time all the interconnections that make us stronger.

To be intersectional is that we have to realise our wish to make society together again

Whether the current structures of power would allow us to do it or not.

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